Exclusice Limited Edition Kantha old silk saris

Chris Cerf has created a collection of outfits using Kantha which is an ancient embroidering technique based on the use of ancient saris which, thanks to a patient and precious embroidery, is transformed into unique and original outfits.

The Kantha tradition is widespread mainly among women in Bengala, who often come from difficult situations, and to whom this technique is taught, making it become a real job for them and allows them to come out of their discomfort and poverty.

Chris says: I fell in love with Kantha because each piece tells a wonderful story of hope and redemption. This is why I have decided to dedicate a capsule from my collection to these small jewels of rare workmanship and extraordinary beauty. Each piece is absolutely unique of its kind for its designs and prints and is created in 100% braided silk.

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